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8 March 2020- Our grand Opening

A month ago we closed our lovely little shop and started our new adventure, the support we have received since from all of our lovely friends, family and customers has been overwhelming. Thank you so much to everyone that has supported us, we really couldn't do it without you <3 And a massive thank you to Sweet Memories Cakes and Buffets, Sedgley for our incredible cake!

After a long time of pondering weather we should make the move, working in our old shop- as much as we loved it felt like we needed a bit more room. We were so fortunate that at the time we were outgrowing our little shop, a bigger shop opposite became available. The Penny Farthing Arcade has been a really wonderful place to grow our little cafe, it's filled with loads of wonderful independent business ran by the loveliest people, which made staying in the Arcade or close by very important to us.

On the 8th Feb we had our last day in our old shop finished off with an afternoon tea and started the move. We've spent the last few weeks working with fantastic kitchen fitters-Anne and Graham who transformed the front of the shop with a kitchen and a counter. With lots of painting, cleaning, scraping windows and lots of help from family and friends, we had our officially opening yesterday - 8th March.

- You'll have to pop into the shop to see the finished product!

We were overwhelmed with the amount of people that came to our official opening, we could not have asked for a better opening day.  We are planning on growing our lovely little shop bringing you more crafts alongside our speciality coffee and cakes.

To end our official opening we were joined by the wonderful Angela Godridge, Angela is a local artist who we discovered after running an art competition when we had first opened and since then have been lucky enough to work with and showcase her gorgeous work.

The atmosphere was wonderfully relaxing with tea, coffee and biscuits to keep everyone going, Angela helped this lovely group of ladies to create some really beautiful pieces of art.

If you are looking to try a watercolour/ mixed media workshop keep an eye out on our workshops page as we would have had another one coming up in May!

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