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Interested in feeding your inner creative and painting some pottery with us at Humbugs? 

Why not book your place today! 

Let's Paint!

Heres what to expect when you pottery paint at Humbugs-

First Pick your Pottery

We have a selection of Ceramic Pieces for you to chose from-

Each piece is priced separately plus

£2.99 Studio Fee which covers cost of

glazes and getting your piece fired in the Kiln. 

Once you've picked your piece you are

ready to paint! 

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Lets get Creative

First you'll want to start by sketching your idea onto your pottery with one of our pencils (don't worry this will disappear once fired) 

Now lets get painting!

For your colourful glazes 

1 Coat will give you a translucent colour 

but you will need 3 coats of  for a solid colour

Letting your paint dry in between each coat


Once you are finished with your coloured

You will then need to paint your piece in the transparent Glaze, with two coats

leaving to dry in between coats. 
Please make sure you cover your piece apart from the bottom to avoid it sticking to the kiln. 

Once you are finished leave it with us and we will get your work fired within the next 7-14 days

It's then ready to take home lovelies! 

Pottery painting.jpeg